Tree, Lawn & Garden

Stay Hassle Free and Worry Free: Landscaping service Provider now serving in your area. From planting to cutting, from trimming to designing, our tree service covers all and leaves nothing. We make your trees look green and your property looks best in your neighborhood. We service all clients from commercials to residents. Also happy to give you service in an emergency.

    Best in town affordable tree service covers:-
  • Tree removal (small trees only)
  • Removal of dead, low-hanging, and dangerous limbs
  • Pruning of trees and bushes
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Tree transplanting
  • Storm cleanup
  • Spring and fall cleanup
  • Fall leaf cleanup
The Merchan's landscaping service help our clients to select the right types of trees for your property's weather and environmental conditions. Whether replacing trees lost to removal or adding new trees to an existing landscape, Merchan's landscaping partner with you to make sure those new tree plantings will improve your image.
Selection of the best plants for the location:
Once you decide where to plant, Merchan's Landscaping can help you select the best plant for that special spot. It is extremely important to consider.
Space: How much room does the tree have to grow in height and spread? The tree's growth habit should match the space available.
Location: Is the area sunny, shady or open to the wind and other weather?
Soil conditions: What type of soil will the tree grow in: loose, wet, rocky or compact?
Water: Keep the soil moist, but not wet, through the first year.
Fertilize: Have Gerould inject fertilizer treatment that's specially formulated to help young trees get established.
Regular trimming and pruning can keep your shrubs, plants healthy. When our professionals trim for you, they will cut back any dead, dying or diseased branches. Your plants will look, and feel, great!
This is our specialty! We are experts when it comes to removing decaying, dying, or dead trees.. We have the right equipment and enough experience to get the job done efficiently and precisely.
Mulch can be attach on site for you to use on your garden or taken away, Fees and charges vary depending on your suburb, access and material.
We can remove weeds their roots from flower beds, pathways and patios by hand or by chemicals whichever fits best as per property needs.
From fertilizers, pre-emergent, lime, seed, spreaders and more. With high end quality products, affordable prices and our knowledgeable staff guiding you on what steps to do when and why, your lawn will look incredible in no time.