Snow Removal & Salting

In addition to our premier landscape services, Merchan's Landscaping is proud to offer the residents and businesses of PA and NJ snow removal service.Snow ploughing is no big deal to us. In fact, it’s just another thing that we do well. We can get a snow-covered parking lot taken care of in no time. When you choose our professional snow removal company, you’ll be satisfied with the results that you see. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees work tirelessly to ensure that each job is done in a quick and efficient manner.

"Salting Services Specialists Above all else, using salt is about making conditions safer for you and your family or customers. It is important to set up service for both your home and business, so that everyone is protected. Salt helps to prevent cars from skidding on otherwise slippery roads. This offers better traction for tires. Using salt also helps to melt away snow and ice. That makes road conditions less hazardous for drivers. Even in areas like parking lots or driveways, it is vital that vehicles have the ability to move about with less likelihood of an incident occurring. Of course, don't forget how important it is to have your sidewalks and other surfaces with foot traffic taken care of. Any place where people will maneuver by foot needs to also be taken care of in order to avoid possible injuries. We Provide:- As a business, we understand how frustrating it can be when faced with bad weather, which is why we are available to commercial properties as well, for ice and snow removal."